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Tirana Castle is a 14th century castle that sits in the center of Tirana. It is also known as the Fortress of Justinian. The fortress has three towers along with numerous buildings that are open to the public. They currently contain hotels, restaurants and shopping.A favorite among tourists is the traditional bazaar located inside Tirana Castle. This relatively new shopping area was created to resemble bazaars that would have been seen during the Byzantine era. Visitors can purchase traditional hand crafts or try local foods while they stroll around the ruins.

Most of what is left of the castle ruins is a 20-foot tall wall, usually referred to as the Justinian Fortress Wall. It is a vine-covered wall that runs along Murat Toptani Road. A plan to preserve the wall is in place, which has led to uncovered wall foundations that were added to Murat Toptani Road.

Tirana Castle was declared a first category monument of culture in 1973. The new tracks of preserved walls were declared cultural monuments in 2008.


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